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Small Animal Mini Double Sided Comb
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Small Animal Mini Double Sided Comb

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DescriptionGrooming tips
The Rosewood Options mini grooming brushes have sure-grip comfort handles, ideally sized for all small animals. Ideal for removing knots and tangles. Helps produce a healthy, glossy coat. Removes dead and matted hair for a healthier coat. 

Why groom your pet?

-Grooming removes dead and matted hair as well as dirt, debris and dust improving the coat's appearance and health.
-Brushing helps to stimulate the skin and distribute natural oils to create a healthier, shinier coat.
-Removing loose hair will reduce the risk of ingested hair creating internal blockages.
-It's an ideal way to bond with your pet. Many animals use grooming to reinforce bonds.
-Grooming is a good opportunity to examine your pet for signs of infection or injury. 

Which grooming products are best for my pet?

Mini double-sided comb: Use the coarse teeth first to tease out knots and tangles, especially in longer coats. Finish with the fine teeth.

Mini slicker: This is ideal for removing dead and matted hair, especially from the undercoat. Lift sections of the coat and gently back groom before finishing by grooming in the direction of the coat.

Mini soft brush: Use the brush to finish the coat and promote a healthy shine.

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