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Raining Rabbits NZ
As supporters you can now purchase items to donate directly to the rescue group listed, and we will ship it to them free of charge, on your behalf.

About the Rescue:
Welcome to Raining Rabbits Rescue NZ, where rabbits are our passion and our priority, but our hearts are big enough to embrace all creatures in need. Nestled in the heart of Auckland, our volunteer-run rescue is dedicated to the well-being and welfare of rabbits, while also extending a helping paw to other animals facing hardship. 

 In a world where misconceptions abound, we stand as unwavering advocates for rabbits, dispelling the myth that domesticated rabbits can fend for themselves in the wild. Our mission is crystal clear: to provide sanctuary, care, and a second chance to these beloved sentient beings, while remaining open-hearted to the needs of other animals who find themselves in dire straits. 

 Since being founded in 2021, we've witnessed firsthand the staggering scale of neglect and abandonment that plagues Aotearoa's rabbit population. With over 60 rabbits under our care, each one with a unique tale of hardship, our dedication to their well-being has never faltered. While rabbits are our primary focus, we extend our compassion to other creatures, from dogs and cats to guinea pigs and beyond. 

From the shadows of hoarding situations to the heartbreak of roadside abandonments, we've been there to offer solace and support. But our work doesn't stop there. These animals deserve more than mere survival; they deserve to thrive. 

With your support, we can provide the essentials our rabbits need: food, toys, medical care, and the nurturing they deserve. Your generosity fuels our mission to ensure each rabbit finds a loving forever home, where they'll be cherished as the special beings they are. 

As one of only four rabbit rescues in all of Aotearoa, our journey is far from over. With your help, we can continue our vital work, ensuring every rabbit is valued, cared for, and loved. Join us in our mission, and together, we'll make a world of difference, one hop at a time.

Check out Raining Rabbits facebook page here

How To Donate:
Just write in the comments section at checkout:

1) Which item/s you would like to donate, or whether you'd like to donate your entire cart
2) Which rescue you would like your donation to go to

We will then ship your selections to the rescue with a note saying who it's from.

If you are donating your entire cart and it does not qualify for free shipping, just choose the "Click and Collect" shipping option and you will not be charged for shipping.