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As supporters you can now purchase items to donate directly to the rescue group listed, and we will ship it to them free of charge, on your behalf.

About The Rescue:

Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue provides temporary shelter, food, medical attention, and comfort to neglected and rejected dogs. 
We seek out new homes for these dogs and try to educate the public about the humane care of dogs. 
We consider the unique needs of all the dogs in our care and work compassionately to prepare a safe, appropriately socialised dog for a wonderful new life. 
Through our de-sexing program we try to help prevent dogs ending up in shelters, we do this by de-sexing the dogs in our community producing unwanted litters. 
Our aim is to reduce the population of unwanted, neglected, and abused bull breed dogs by preventing at risk dogs from producing litters. 
We approach owners, work with locals and councils to find at risk dogs, as well as helping lower income families ensure they are not adding to the problem by offering payment plans and heavily discounted procedures.

Check out the dogs up for adoption, and the amazing work that they do here:

How To Donate:

Just write in the comments section at checkout:

1) Which item/s you would like to donate, or whether you'd like to donate your entire cart

2) Which rescue you would like your donation to go to

We will then ship your selections to the rescue with a note saying who it's from.
If you are donating your entire cart and it does not qualify for free shipping, just choose the "Click and Collect" shipping option and you will not be charged for shipping