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Safety Cage with Ceramic Fitting
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Safety Cage with Ceramic Fitting

Repta Round Cage + Ceramic Fitting and Lead is made out of strong wire with lid for easy change over of bulbs. Comes complete with Ceramic fitting and lead with in-line switch. Easy to install in any terrarium. Keeps your Pet Reptile safe, warm and healthy whilst avoiding severe burns to your pet and yourself. Ideal for Ceramic Heat Emitters, UVA Basking Lamps and Infra-red Bulbs. A must for any Pet Reptile. -Wire cage with ceramic lamp holder lead and on/off switch build in. -This dual function cage combines lamp holder and cage to allow the user to quickly heat and protect your reptile from harm. -Simply attach this cage onto the top of the enclosure place the heat lamp into using the hinged lid and you are ready to go. -The wire cage stops your reptile form getting too close to the heat source and getting burn or shattering the lamp and getting cut. -The hinge lid allow easy access for changing over lamps. Dimensions: 12x12x19cm
Price: $93.15
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NEW DESIGN!! This ready-wired mesh cover encloses bulbs and protects reptiles from nasty burns.  It comes complete with an ES ceramic fitting that you can screw your bulb straight into!! The ceramic fitting is located inside of the mesh cover so that the reptile cannot come into contact with this as this can get hot when used with heating bulbs.  The cover allows easy access having a drop down base that is quickly opened by a secure latch. This means all you need to do is drop the base down, screw in your bulb, close it up and away you go!  All this in addition to having a long cord with plug attached means that it has never been simpler and easier to provide a safe, effective fixture for your heat and light bulbs. Fits most sized globes. Measures 160 x 260mm.
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